Saturday, February 12, 2011

You Don't Want What I Have

I love my life, well some days I love my life a lil less but I love my life. But sometimes secretly I wish there were things I could change about it. I don't wish this life on anyone else either not even my worst enemy. And today I hate it more then anything. I hate that I can't let words just roll off my back like a duck, that I can't laugh at jokes about disabilities. Wait lets back track here, WHO THE FUCK LAUGHS AT JOKES LIKE THAT? I'll tell you who, people who have no clue what it is like to raise a child with special needs. That's who think those words and those jokes are funny. And I can't even say I'd blame them because if you've never been it or lived it then why would you care who you hurt.

I feel like no matter what I've said here its just me preaching to the choir. Are we sharing our thoughts and our feelings with the people who are hurting our kids with words and expressions? Are we going that extra mile to say HEY ENOUGH WITH THE DEMEANING JOKES!? Or do we just ignore it and then like me blog and cry and rant and vent about it here in our blogs?

I don't expect anyone to understand what Racer goes through or what we all go through on a daily basis, but maybe you should be at least a lil more understanding to not use words, expressions or jokes to insult other people.

Be thankful that you are lucky enough to never ever know what a day in my life is. Because even though you are ignorant I'm lucky to know better because I live it and love it.

This is my son, take a look and think of his face when you spout you're hateful words


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