Friday, July 29, 2011

My Limit

I must have stared blankly at this screen for a while....all I know is that what runs through my head when I'm about to blog is the millions of things that happen during the day. All of it happens right in front of this computer, in my living room and bedroom.

The screaming and meltdowns, the 5 normal (well sorta) kids and all their issues. Then there is the 3 that have issues. There is Racer with his speech issues, coupled with autism and his fears and his SPD. I have Wolverine with this ADHD and all the screaming and mood swings and just horrible things that come out of his mouth sometimes. At the tail end of all of this I have my sweet PigPen, who struggles with speech just getting someone to understand anything that comes out of her mouth can create a screaming fit throwing meltdown that sets off everyone else in the house. She's got some aspie qualities in there but its mostly the speech that all of a sudden has become more of a issue.

So I sit here day in and day out, trying to figure out a game plan, trying to get through one more day. To reach the end of it so I can maybe sleep? Maybe spend some time with the man I love and father of my children.

So lets just on top of all that, throw in there the bullshit issues with the insurance company, the issues with the school district we've been having. The possibility of being homeless in 30 days, losing the pets cause we can't take them to an apartment.

I wake up to this everyday, its my life and I embrace it with every ounce of my body. But today I thought about something, I thought about how its not just me that goes through this. Its not just my everyday crap its someone elses everyday crap. I embrace those who like me have no where to turn but our blogs and our online support groups. I may be surrounded by family and friends but the other day when I was filling out job applications I couldn't count on one hand all the local friends I might have to use as a reference. That makes me sad, it actually makes me cry.

In this world of autism its become very lonely, the one person the other adult who understands our daily struggles is so overwhelmed with the same issues that when bedtime finally comes for us its crash and burn time.

I can say with great honesty that my online friends are the ones who get me through. The support of my parents when I let them in to all that we go through, is what helps.

This blog post has made me cry more then I actually wanted to....but I needed to write this. If not for me then for all the others who struggle in silence, alone. Know that you are not alone....

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ban My Children?!!

You know I was going to come up with something catchy and funny before I started my rant.....but fuck that. It wouldn't be real, cause all I want to do is say WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with people? Maybe its society, uptight single people, DINKS (dual income no kids) and btw who the FUCK came up with that? You are so special you have to come up with your own acronym? Don't we all feel so special now?

But here's the thing, banning kids from ANYWHERE it seems like now is only going to raise a generation of children who don't know how to behave in public. That is the first thing that runs through my head, we send kids to school to learn and to experience the social atmosphere. So if they start to become banned from certain things how is that helping anyone?

Are you wondering what I'm talking about? Have you read this? Go read it...tell me what you think? Its actually the second article that has come out more recently about children being banned. You can't tell me that "oh that will never happen" BULLSHIT cause its happening RIGHT NOW!

I won't even throw in the special needs card cause that would see redundant. But what about those kids? The ones who will "look" like every other child but have autism. Do I have to start carrying around his IEP so I can explain that he's not just a brat but he has a problem.

Cause here's the thing, if I use the special needs card you need to think about this. With the numbers already at 1-110, and those numbers rising and the fact that it doesn't include all the kids who don't have a Dx, that just means there is a whole generation of kids out there who will be banned for no reason other then society saying, "your loud, you cry and scream, you look like a spoiled brat, your parents are no good, and we don't like you."

Is that what we want to say to our kids? Shouldn't we be raising a generation of kids who care about other people? This isn't going to happen if the previous one is telling them they are hated. 

So in all of this I have one thing to say to those DINKS the ones who think they are better then families. The ones who think they have more rights cause they have more money to spend.

I have seven kids, and if I have to raise them all to be doctors or people in power, you remember my children and all the ones you choose to disregard with your want to have silence....They will be the ones caring for you, running things when YOU get old. I wouldn't want to be the one who pissed off a generation of banned children and their parents...cause the future might just be a lil bleak.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The YuckMouth Family is Being Displaced

Strange how everything can change in a split second, what you thought would last doesn't and then you are left holding the cards to this new strange life you never thought you'd have.

I can say I'm a strong person, I can handle stress to a point and that point is far off. Then the world collapsed on my life and I don't know what to do with the pieces. Sounds dramatic right? Yesterday we found out the landlord up and sold the house we were renting without letting us know. The new owners came over and told us that the sale was closing next week. They are giving us 30-45 days to move out, also giving us moving money and not making us pay rent while we lived there. As I stood there and talked to this couple the bottom fell out from beneath me, I just stood there is shock. When they finally left it turns out that I was outside talking to them for 20 minutes, it didn't even feel like that. But I just lost it, where were we going to go? What about the kids and the fact that they start school in 30 days? I couldn't believe it and I couldn't speak.

I'm really at a loss for words, with all the insurance drama I'm going through. Can't find a Speech therapist for Racer, Wolverine is in the middle of a timeline for his evaluation for ADHD, and the rest of the kids?

The shock of it all comes and goes....then I think about things like what about the dogs? I think about having to start off all over again with a new district and services for the boys...will that be a good thing? Most of all I think where the hell are we going to go? It was hell looking for a place to live with the last move and we were minus the two youngest. I can't even think about not finding a place or even being homeless....will it get to that?

For now we have 30-45 days

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bath Time = Hell?

Bath happens in homes every where around the country. But not everywhere in the country have a household like mine. Most of the time this is what even the word "bath time" invokes

Now just times that by 3 with a boy picture and you've got what bath time is like at my house. Usually leaves me and the kids wanting to lay in the fetal position like this...


Not quite sure what happened I didn't do anything different. Picked up the first crying, screaming child, did my usual "its gonna be fine" speech. But here is where it changed....dumb butt mommy left the shower head running and didn't plug the tub, lucky for me I have a slow drain so most of the water was catching. For some reason this comforted PigPen and she got it, even played with the water from the shower....WET HER HAIR EVEN! I was amazed, came time to wash her hair she was more then happy to. Racer comes strolling in acting like Mr. Tough Guy and I think he even stood dumbfounded himself cause then HE wanted to get in with the shower running. That coming from the kid who won't even enter the room when the shower is running! I call this a success! May never happen again but I'm gonna bask in this silence that is after bath time.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Monster Mommy ~~~ Blog Hop!

I have a friend....and in my line of work she is one of the few that I trust with my soul. If I had the money I would drop everything and pack up the YuckMouths and go live near her. She of course is the Monster Mommy you can read all about her and the Monsters over at   Living With Logan.

So here is the deal....this mom, woman, super hero in mommy clothes does loads of stuff for others and is pretty much selfless in my book. Remember up there where I said I would drop everything for her!! Yea I would and she would do that and has for a lot of people I know. Do you ever wonder what you could do for her? Well here it is..... help her get to BlogHer! Read about  The Momma Project !

Its pretty much the end all be all for mommy bloggers!

Not only could all the information she'd get help her make her awesome blog rock more then it already does I have it on good word that she's willing to share what she learns with the rest of us! Plus since we both share the same amount of kids I know she could use the break!

I also got word tonight that an anonymous  donor is willing to match up till she reaches her money to get there. So from now until Friday night any money she makes will be matched! Plus this great giving mommy is donating any money that she makes over her amount to HollyRod and 4 Paws For Ability! You can't tell me that isn't selfless! I dare you to try!

So what can you do to help? Donate! Can't donate, blog about it, tweet about it, paste it all over facebook and all the other social sites you belong to!

I'm making this a blog hop to link all the great bloggers who are helping on this Monster Mommy project! I hope you can link up too or spread the word for her!