Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bath Time = Hell?

Bath happens in homes every where around the country. But not everywhere in the country have a household like mine. Most of the time this is what even the word "bath time" invokes

Now just times that by 3 with a boy picture and you've got what bath time is like at my house. Usually leaves me and the kids wanting to lay in the fetal position like this...


Not quite sure what happened I didn't do anything different. Picked up the first crying, screaming child, did my usual "its gonna be fine" speech. But here is where it changed....dumb butt mommy left the shower head running and didn't plug the tub, lucky for me I have a slow drain so most of the water was catching. For some reason this comforted PigPen and she got it, even played with the water from the shower....WET HER HAIR EVEN! I was amazed, came time to wash her hair she was more then happy to. Racer comes strolling in acting like Mr. Tough Guy and I think he even stood dumbfounded himself cause then HE wanted to get in with the shower running. That coming from the kid who won't even enter the room when the shower is running! I call this a success! May never happen again but I'm gonna bask in this silence that is after bath time.


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