Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Juiceology Review ~ Something Yummy!

The YuckMouth house isn't known for healthy...with picky eaters its hard to get them to try anything new and actually like it. So when I was approached to do a review for Juiceology I jumped at the chance to do it. When it came I just poured it into cups for them and they actually drank it and LOVED it. Even my picky drinkers loved it. At my house it didn't last more then a hour and we actually had to go get more.

We received Peach-Mango and Blueberry Acai to try, both tasted great! I have to give this juice bragging rights because the healthiest juice we have in the house is the V8 Fusion Splash and Juiceology beats it out in taste and numbers on the label! I would buy it on a regular basis! Its currently only available in CA, but hopefully they broaden that range a bit!

You can find more information on Juiceology by visiting their website and also join their Facebook page.

I know that my mommies will find this juice just as outstanding as the YuckMouths did! The added bonus is that not only does it taste good but its healthy too! lol just don't tell your kids that!

Juiceology gets the YuckMouth seal of approval!