Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Laundry Etiquette By YuckMouth Daddy


My laundry mat opens up at 6:30 am, so when my alarm goes off at 6 am I’m up and getting my stuff together to go do wash. I arrive at the laundry mat at 6:30 when they open the doors. I talk with the owner and his wife, since I've been a regular at this establishment for a year now. One great thing about being there so early is the place is empty so I get first pick of what washers I want to use. Another great thing is all my loads are done around the same time. As the morning gets later people start to trickle in. When my wash is done I start putting my clothes in the dryers, typical Sunday morning. This lady walks up to me.

LADY: Why are you just using the top dryers and not the bottom ones?

I look at her in puzzlement.

ME: Does it matter?

LADY: Yes it does matter. Hasn't anyone ever taught you Laundry Etiquette?

It’s way too early in the morning for someone to act like this, but me being the writer that I am, I listen. Never knew there was such a thing called Laundry Etiquette.

LADY: From your silence I take that as a no. Well Laundry Etiquette is being considerate to the other customers here. Since you took all the top dryers, we have to use the bottom dryers.

ME: This is a problem why?

LADY: Your not suppose to do that! This is what you do; you put your clothes on the top then go directly to the bottom. Top bottom, top bottom! Not top, top, top.

ME: Wow so much anger this early in the morning, looks like someone here didn't get laid last night.

The lady stays quiet.

ME: From you silence I’ll take that as a no.

I turn and walk away. You got to be fucking kidding me, Laundry Etiquette at 7am? If I’m here first, I’m taking what washers or dryers I want. If they wanted their choice of pick of dryers to use then they should have woke up early like I did and came in then. At first I thought maybe she was mad that I took all top seven dryers, yes seven dryers. I am washing for seven people. But it was more cause I didn't go the top bottom route and just all top. I wasn't in the mood to go for the bottom dryers. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Save the Library! By YuckMouth Daddy

We were walking home when we came across this sign on a local store window that read:


I was interested in what was going on, so when we arrive at home I right away go onto the website that was listed on the flyer. What do you know our city Library is closing due to lack of hours and people attending? Have we come to that where Libraries close in our own city? If I remember correctly, I can’t get a Library card from a different city unless I reside in it.

A few years ago I remember a friend of mine telling me about VHS tapes going away, and sure enough, stores stopped carrying them. Then I heard about DVD’s going away, well they didn’t go away totally since Blue Ray is still around but the Hi Def. guy closed down his department. Then the video stores started to disappear, first it was the local Mom and Pops video stores then it moved up to Hollywood Video and now Blockbuster. We went from Beta to VHS to DVD to Streaming.

This also applies with music. First it was the cassettes, then Cd’s and yes of course Streaming live music. Makes you wonder if Tower Records saw this coming and was one of the main reason’s why they closed their doors a few years back.

So here we are with books. Bookstores are very rare now days. Borders is gone, Barnes and Noble is still very popular online but they have been shutting down stores themselves. Now I guess the Libraries are now getting the hit. Are people that much in a hurry that they can’t walk into a Library and check out a book? I know you can find everything you need online with and many other sites, but does anyone ever wonder that their kids growing up today will never know what a bookstore is, let alone a book itself? My daughter was telling me the other day that she want’s the latest book “Kindle Fire”. I had to explain to her, that Kindle Fire isn't a book but a tablet that lets you read books. Me, I’m old school; I still prefer reading a book. It’s something that’s hard to explain, the feel, the smell.

Just the other night when I was at Subway, my daughter saw a phone on the wall. She points and asks, “What’s that?” I tell her it’s a payphone. She looks at me funny. Payphones. That’s a whole other story to talk about.