Saturday, July 23, 2011

The YuckMouth Family is Being Displaced

Strange how everything can change in a split second, what you thought would last doesn't and then you are left holding the cards to this new strange life you never thought you'd have.

I can say I'm a strong person, I can handle stress to a point and that point is far off. Then the world collapsed on my life and I don't know what to do with the pieces. Sounds dramatic right? Yesterday we found out the landlord up and sold the house we were renting without letting us know. The new owners came over and told us that the sale was closing next week. They are giving us 30-45 days to move out, also giving us moving money and not making us pay rent while we lived there. As I stood there and talked to this couple the bottom fell out from beneath me, I just stood there is shock. When they finally left it turns out that I was outside talking to them for 20 minutes, it didn't even feel like that. But I just lost it, where were we going to go? What about the kids and the fact that they start school in 30 days? I couldn't believe it and I couldn't speak.

I'm really at a loss for words, with all the insurance drama I'm going through. Can't find a Speech therapist for Racer, Wolverine is in the middle of a timeline for his evaluation for ADHD, and the rest of the kids?

The shock of it all comes and goes....then I think about things like what about the dogs? I think about having to start off all over again with a new district and services for the boys...will that be a good thing? Most of all I think where the hell are we going to go? It was hell looking for a place to live with the last move and we were minus the two youngest. I can't even think about not finding a place or even being homeless....will it get to that?

For now we have 30-45 days


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