Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ban My Children?!!

You know I was going to come up with something catchy and funny before I started my rant.....but fuck that. It wouldn't be real, cause all I want to do is say WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with people? Maybe its society, uptight single people, DINKS (dual income no kids) and btw who the FUCK came up with that? You are so special you have to come up with your own acronym? Don't we all feel so special now?

But here's the thing, banning kids from ANYWHERE it seems like now is only going to raise a generation of children who don't know how to behave in public. That is the first thing that runs through my head, we send kids to school to learn and to experience the social atmosphere. So if they start to become banned from certain things how is that helping anyone?

Are you wondering what I'm talking about? Have you read this? Go read it...tell me what you think? Its actually the second article that has come out more recently about children being banned. You can't tell me that "oh that will never happen" BULLSHIT cause its happening RIGHT NOW!

I won't even throw in the special needs card cause that would see redundant. But what about those kids? The ones who will "look" like every other child but have autism. Do I have to start carrying around his IEP so I can explain that he's not just a brat but he has a problem.

Cause here's the thing, if I use the special needs card you need to think about this. With the numbers already at 1-110, and those numbers rising and the fact that it doesn't include all the kids who don't have a Dx, that just means there is a whole generation of kids out there who will be banned for no reason other then society saying, "your loud, you cry and scream, you look like a spoiled brat, your parents are no good, and we don't like you."

Is that what we want to say to our kids? Shouldn't we be raising a generation of kids who care about other people? This isn't going to happen if the previous one is telling them they are hated. 

So in all of this I have one thing to say to those DINKS the ones who think they are better then families. The ones who think they have more rights cause they have more money to spend.

I have seven kids, and if I have to raise them all to be doctors or people in power, you remember my children and all the ones you choose to disregard with your want to have silence....They will be the ones caring for you, running things when YOU get old. I wouldn't want to be the one who pissed off a generation of banned children and their parents...cause the future might just be a lil bleak.


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