Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Sleep....its Essential to you!

Why do you ask? Because on day I dunno like a millionth without a decent nights sleep I'm beginning to feel like a psychotic killer. So here are like the few greatest reasons why my sleep is essential to you.

1. If I don't sleep enough, my mind gets a little cloudy, means I forget things. Now this could be a bonus to my kids who might come home with a bad report card (teens I'm glaring in you're direction).

2. I might use a cup of salt instead of sugar when I make those cookies my family adores so much.

3. I could show up with my mexican frizz hair, no bra and bring you lunch at school (teens again looking at you)

4. I could drink so much Monster to try and keep up that I become radioactive and destroy the whole town.

5. I could write blogs that will embarrass my children for the rest of their lives....Oh wait I already do that lol

6. I could yell more then I usually do, because my brain feels like mush and everything is in this painfully slow mode. And when its like that I can't hear correctly so I don't think you do either.

7. I could make the most amazing farmville farm EVER! Yes I play Farmville DON'T JUDGE ME!!!

8. Twice now I've forgotten what I was blogging about. See how sleep is important!

9. If I don't get enough sleep all the YM's could be late to school, because it seems like I'm the only working alarm clock in the house! And today mommy slept right through it.

And the most important one of all.

10.  If mommy doesn't get enough sleep she intends to either sell her children or move to a island somewhere that children that don't sleep through the night aren't allowed (Racer and CareBear now I'm really looking at you)!


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