Friday, February 11, 2011

Eat in 30 mins Or Less or We'll Shoot!

Tell me....would you want to eat your food in 30 minutes or less? Would you want to eat it in 30 minutes or less?  When I finally manage to get my family out of the house and take them to eat somewhere I like them to enjoy it. Even though Racer is a speed eater AND even though once he's finished he wants (I take that back...NEEDS) to leave. So usually its a race against the clock to finish eating before he does, because once he wants to leave he really can't stand around otherwise.

So here we are, out and about...and the kids decide that they would like to eat at McDonalds, a rare treat for them. Daddy orders and I wrangle the kids into two booths.

Now a few things before I go on here...WTF with the calorie count right next to the food? Ummmm hello!!! We all know its fattening and if you don't and you get fat get a clue!! And the prices!!! Good grief, I may have to take out a loan just to eat there again! Now its going to a even rarer treat to eat there. Sorry kids the Happy Meals don't make the wallet so happy anymore!

Anyways me and the daddy are sitting and complaining about prices, kids are munching food and fast. I tend to look around and scope out the place as we sit there. Looking for dirty looks and lighting, at most of these places they tend to set Racer off a lil. He's usually hyper but with bad lighting and that damn humming he's off the walls.This is when I notice the sign....

Now usually we're out in about 30 minutes anyways, but to be forced out is something different lol. Here I am enjoying my yummy food and expensive and now I have to kick rocks at 30 minutes too! Sheesh McDonalds....why bother having a playland if we all have to get out as soon as we are done eating? Do a lot of people loiter in McDonalds? And who comes out to "police" this 30 minutes?

Which brings me to....or WE'LL SHOOT!

As we're sitting there two police come walking in and as they come closer they have their guns drawn! They head off to the restroom, one walks in and the other covers him. Then the cop who entered the restroom leaves and off the walk out the door. I kind of just sat there in shock me and the daddy looked at each other, looked at the kids and I started to laugh, I guess they really do enforce that rule. lol did I mention the white guy who happened to be in the restroom when the cop went charging in gun drawn? haha poor guy looked whiter then when he walked in, he grabbed his soda and left.


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