Wednesday, February 2, 2011

lol am I really?

My mothering has changed a lot over the years. From being a teen mom to a young mother then to a mother of a lot of kids, then a mother to a special needs child. What most people don't know is that I was a mother to a special needs child with my first child. He was born premature and wow has be progressed. Anyways a few years ago well prolly more then a few years because it was before Racer was born. I did something that would forever compare me to this tv mom

But I have to admit my house was a lil like this

Except the daddy worked really super long hours and was almost never home.

The story goes that I was so fed up with teen 1 and teen 2 behavior that I canceled Christmas (I know drastic right) but that same year the episode where she canceled Christmas also aired and so there forever was the comparison. It used to really bother me, here I was a avid fan of the show and I thought she was crazy, but if you look at her parenting style she may be a yeller but she loves her kids to death and would do anything for them. And that in a way is me, just without all the yelling now. And yes I was a yeller, not so much now. Because being a parent of a child with autism I've found that it just doesn't work on him. lol not to say I don't yell at the kids that know better but yes I yell. And I won't take it back or change it either. Anyways I was sitting here on my twitter sharing stories and talking to friends on fb and what comes on tv? my Christmas episode so I'm sitting here laughing about my favorite tv mom.

My question to you is who is your favorite tv mom or who do you relate to most?


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