Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another way for Awareness for Autism

I'm posting this for a friend of mine, she is another mom getting a service dog for her son with autism. You can find her story here at A Dog For Caden. They also have a facebook page where she is sharing stories of other families and people who have autism.

Here is her mission and I hope that my readers can share her page with others or share your story with her.

After our son Caden was diagnosed with autism, we became dedicated to increasing autism awareness one picture at a time! We believe in supporting those with autism and their friends and families, as well as helping to dispel the variety of myths about autism that exist in the world by featuring children, young adults, and adults on the spectrum and their stories. Our goal is to feature a new person each week. Please find us on facebook at An Autism Service Dog For Caden or on our website at http://adogforcaden.yolasite.com


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