Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Am Not a Tetris Piece I Swear!!!

I lack sleep....and duh I don't know any mother who doesn't. But I also lack lacking sleep and space to do it in is a serious problem for me. I own a cal king bed and I love it! I can get mad at the daddy and never have to sleep on the couch because my bed is big enough for me to never have to lay with him! But over the years and the kids we have had many co-sleepers, some of which have actually had to get kicked out of bed because and the daddy got caught and lol that's a long story. Anyways I'm only really down to one co-sleeper at night and that is CareBear. She never liked sleeping in her crib and always cried if I put her in it. And yes I tried to let her cry it out but seriously she's one of those kids that just cries and cries and cries.

Which gets me to my point. I finally after a lucky break got Racer in his own bed and PigPen into hers. But lately I have night visitors and at first it was ok because they were like pets and slept at my feet lol didnt even notice they were there until the morning. But lately I wake up and I'm squished in my spot like a tetris piece! I've got Racer in my back/butt and I have PigPen at my legs and Carebear in my neck/chest area! There are mornings when I have to literally ninja sneak out of my bed so I'm not smashing my poor sleeping children. There are morning when the daddy had to pull me out of my spot because I've been stuck like that for hours that I can't move.

Maybe if I put a fence around my bed they can't get in, perhaps a moat with kid eating fish? To drastic you say? What would you do? Because short of playing the crazy game music at night there is no getting around becoming that tetris piece at night.


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