Friday, February 25, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys ~ Unless They're Being Drama Queens! My Guest post frm over at the Monster House


I typically write about my special needs child, or my family as a whole on my own blog. However, I felt that I needed to give equal time to my older boys, who rarely ever make an appearance in my writing. So, I'm excited to be a guest here today to share my boys with the blogosphere!

My #2 and #3 monsters are two years apart in age, 14 and 12. They are the reason for which the phrase “Boys will be boys” came about. They work hard, they play hard, and they live hard. They go full tilt with everything they do. And they are also dang cute.


They are also.. drama queens. In a really big way. My teenage daughter and my 11 year old daughter have NOTHING on these boys. Everything is one of two things: really amazing or cripplingly devastating. If they don't want to do a chore? They will go without dinner, they will go without free time for weeks on end. #3 will sit on his behind and do nothing, fail classes, and then cry and stomp and slam doors, because we have a failing grade=no free time policy at the Monster House.

However, my boys are also my heroes. #2 is Logan's favorite sibling. He would rather have his brother than me or the Daddy. And #2 is so gentle and loving with him, it makes me tear up on a really regular basis.

I just don't get it. Is it possible that these children have multiple personalities? Is it possible for teen and pre-teen boys to have PMS? These boys that would duel to the death if anyone hurt their sibs, but on the other hand, they are fully prepared to duel to the death with their sibs, too. Maybe it's just that they like sword play?

I have yet to figure out the finer points of mothering teenage sons. They are oh, so independent, and oh, so manly and strong and brave and invincible.  And they cry for Momma when they are sick or hurt.

So, my friends, what's a Momma to do? Do I embrace the fact that these children of mine are no longer my babies and just be happy that they still call me Momma in times of crisis? Or are they still young enough to be my babies for just a while longer? Here's a hint... choose answer #2.

How have YOU dealt with your babies not being babies anymore?
Caryn Haluska is the brilliant writer responsible for the chaos over at . She writes about special needs parenting, monster antics, and ben and jerry ice cream upon occasion


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