Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Do You Want To Be?

I have two blogs to post today but this one comes first. I've come to a point that the only future thinking I want to worry about it making sure Racer has money when he gets older. I don't want to worry about him in that way, regardless of where he's at or what he's doing I want to make sure money is not a problem. I used to always worry about  Racer future, would he go to college, would he still be living with me and his dad? But I've realized that it could be any of my kids that face those same issues but Racers autism makes him uniquely special in that respect.

So today at the award show the VP asked the kids what they wanted to be when they grew up. Now all the kids hands shot up and after a small delay Racer brought his hand up. Most kids answered the usual cop, or doctor, teacher or vet. And I've never posed this question to Racer, there is always so much other stuff we are dealing with to worry about it. When he got to him, Racer just froze, I kind of had that gut check feeling knowing this isn't something that we have ever dealt with. I looked over to his teacher who smiled at me and then walked over to Racer and whispered something to him. When the VP came back around his teacher motioned over to Racer and was asked again what he wanted to be, over the mic.... (giggles frm other parents)

 Racer says "uhhhh"  (giggles frm other parents)

Teacher: Remember what you just told me?

Racer: (mumbles) Cop

Now I suppose I would be thankful to the teacher for getting him to say something, but who's benefit was it for? I know Racer has never been prepped like that, to expect him to even think about that right now seems silly. He lives in the literal world and future stuff doesn't matter to him. I really didn't need her putting on a show for my benefit....and after I write this I'm not going to think on it any further.

When Racer got him and had his millionth snack and finished his homework, he was sitting in my lap playing puzzles on my phone. I asked him what he wanted to be when he got bigger, and he whispered Fireman, when I asked him why he said "because they save the day". I hugged his lil stone body and smiled to myself, because that was all I needed to hear.


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