Monday, March 21, 2011


Its been one of those months that hasn't really been great but its zoomed by so quickly its been harder to remember where and when everything got kinda shitty. It started with MOM I'M HUNGRY and it hasn't stopped. Now I think any other child I would just assume growth spurt and move on but with Racer its sometimes so much more then that and that's what worries me. 

Racer isn't known as the best eater in the house, he can put it away but he's very limited on what he eats and how he eats it. Needs a bun for his hot dog but eats around the bun, wants a hamburger but only takes 3 bites and he's done. His favorite right now has to be his dino chicken nuggets and bean and cheese burritos, I can get him to eat those faithfully no matter what time of the day. He's a good cereal eater, will finish his milk and everything. Anyways during his usual growth spurts either he isn't eating at all or cuts down to one meal a day and he's in a lot of pain at night. But lately all I've heard right after he eats is MOM I'M HUNGRY, I hear that all day. The first week I relented and fed him again, then I tried to make sure that everyone was eating at the same time, but in this house sometimes thats just asking for chaos. So I let it go, figuring it was just a growth spurt but here we are maybe 3 weeks or 2 weeks later and still dealing with MOM I'M HUNGRY. And this is at any time of the day or night, and right after he eats. And he will eat again or whine about it till I let him eat again. Its not like he's fat, he's a super skinny kid, what I worry about is if he's sensory seeking with food. I'm at a totally loss here. I'm going to have to take him to the doc but is she going to know what to look for? And we are still on the hunt for a good Neuro doc. Anyone else deal with this problem? I really need help on this one.


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