Thursday, March 24, 2011

Death Scares Me

Not many people know this but I spent what should have been my daughters the happy first year of my daughters life in hiding. When I should have been out with her and enjoying the world I was at home scared of death. See I live in Cali and out here we had an outbreak of Whooping Cough. Now I could spend my whole blog pointing fingers but that would be pointless. But here is the thing, the whole anti vax thing, I get it. I'd be scared too but I'm not....I'm scared of death. I'd rather have seven kids with autism then living my life with one of them dead because of something that could be prevented. I agree that vaccines need to be safer but parents need to be smart and realize that DEATH is preventable autism isn't. And it can't be cured either. I realize that some people are going to have a hard time with this but live in my shoes. Be scared that your child is going to die rather then he scared of living a life with autism, death is final death doesn't ever change. Autism can be made better with the right therapy. I'd rather never sleep again because of autism then have sleepless nights over my dead child.

I'm so sick of Jenny McCarthy and her Generation Rescue, I don't understand their train of thought. They want to pump our kids full of stuff that they aren't sure how it will effect them, but are anti vax? Make me, help me understand that? We're scared of Big Pharma?! Really! All those parents aren't more scared of death?! Is Big Pharma making money off those parents who's kids died because other parents didn't give their children their proper shots?

Be scared of a day in my shoes for a second, better yet live in the parents who's kids died because of the anti vax movement! Explain to them why their child is dead...


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