Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm a Bad Mother?! Part Two

Ok I was going to write this tomorrow but I've got requests to finish this today so here we go...

The whole bad mom thing came as I was walking Racer to school and realized that he was in fact wearing the same clothes he wore yesterday and then slept in. But damn it I had him up and ready and willing for once to go to school. lol he smelled fine and he was totally clean but that thought nagged me all the way to school. I got over it by thinking about how I actually got him to school without causing a problem. I mean its not really that big of a deal right? lol He was happy to go and I was happy to send him on his way. Lucky for us we ended up a lil early because this is how our walk went.

Usually I try to give a extra five minutes of walking time in the morning, Racer likes to count the bricks in front of the church and lately we've added not stepping on the lines in the sidewalk to our walking routine. I've asked Racers dad what they do in the morning and he says usually talk but Racer doesn't do any of the stuff that me and him do when he walks with his dad. (pondering that). This morning was no different except now I'm taking baby steps to walk within the lines and then Racer tells me lets not step on the black circles either. Those are old pieces of gum which truly bother him, he doesn't get why people would spit them on and leave them on the floor and he asks me why every time he notices them. So while I'm trying really hard not to step on lines, black circles and make sure he doesn't catch me. He says lets play the no talking game too! Good gravy this kid is going to be the death of me. Just as soon as we start the game he shouts BIRDS ARE OUT all along the walk its BIRDS ARE OUT. Then I hear MOMMYS OUT lol I hadn't said a word but apparently I walk to hard and my footsteps get me out.

Whatever kid I invented that game to keep my kids quiet and most of the time it works.

Some how we managed to get to school early despite all of that and the bell hadn't rang yet, a small group of kids were gathered at the gate. Times like these always make me cringe, Racer isn't much of a social creature unless I make him be social. I also hate it because it brings the looks from other parents about how my kid is totally ignoring their sweet faced kid who loves to say HI to everyone......blah whatever!

It goes like it always does, he walks up to a chorus of HI RACER he turns to look at me with that smush face he does when he's buggin and I just stood there and smiled at its ok that he doesn't want to say hi. lol its ok when he hates saying goodbye to daddy in the morning but runs to hug and kiss Roger (the dog) when he leaves.


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