Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm a Bad Mother?!

With seven kids in the house I tend to let a lot go, I don't over stress a lot of stuff because life is short and I want my kids to be happy. Now that's not to say I don't have rules and enforce them with a big stick. Trust me my kids hate me just like everyone else's kids hate their parents. Proof of that is my currently EMO teen who refuses to speak to me other to ask when dinner is and ....well yea that's about it. lol really who does she think she's fooling? I welcome the silence, its a lot better then the "whatever mom" I've been getting lately, so carry on EMO teen. Which also brings me to angry lil daughter who is Momma Hen  and rolls her eyes at me lol keep it up I love the laughs. So last night momma hen thought it would be cool to have a costume party....ok sounds good right? Kids get all dressed in their old costumes, Racers running around in his Wolverine suit reminding me that now he has muscles. PigPen is running around in a dress, see the kid has been wearing a princess dress nonstop for a week now lol I guess her regular clothes were her costume. Anywho bedtime comes and goes and guess who's still awake around midnight....yea Racer and of course he doesn't want to change out of his costume so I tuck in lil Wolverine into bed and he falls asleep. Cut to waking up screaming and crying....sleepless night blah blah blah. I wake up, not feeling like being in bed anymore which is totally unusual for me, I'm not a morning person at all.

Me and the daddy are watching a movie  ~Life As We Know It~ It was actually a really good movie, the guy in the movie reminds me of the hubs because even 5 kids into it he's still a clueless fool lol. Around 9am Racer comes bounding into the room still fully dressed as Wolverine and I say to him "hey what's up Wolverine?" lol of course I get that whiny sort of moan that I always get when he hates what I say. We lay there for a min and I remind him that he has to go to school today (more whiny moans) And I get up mid-movie which drives the hubs insane lol. Start looking for Racers school uniform, he's following me around and says I already have my school clothes on. I look at him still dressed as Wolverine and he turns around and wants me to unzip him. He pulls off his costume and says see I'm already dressed. Now the good mom in me knows he needs to change and I remind him of this....cue more whining moans. To which I say ok fine, go get ur shoes. I walk into the bedroom and toss the daddy some clean clothes for the baby DAMN IT someone is going to wear a fresh pair of clothes today. As I get dressed I watch in laughter as he's trying to get the baby dressed, as he struggles with taking her shirt off and it gets stuck on her head then struggle to put the new one on and arms are thru head holes and wondering to myself how does he have 5 kids and still do this? SMH

And off me and Racer go to which is going to have to be part two to this lovely lil blog that has gotten really long.


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