Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Met Someone!!

I met someone who makes my heart race and gets me excited!!! The school principle! And before you get all pervy here let me explain!

As you all know I've had a really hard time getting Racer to school, I just can't force myself to drag him down the streets kicking and screaming sometimes. Its heart breaking and depressing that I lost him that way, he used to love going to school and its gone. Anyways the school principle called me into a meeting today about his attendance. I wasn't sure how to feel about all of this, was I to be defensive or upset or emotional? Up until now its been nothing but stone walls, no one wants to help but everyone keeps insisting he go to school.

The week of gifts worked but I could break the bank going down that road and I want him to  feel comfortable being there, not just thinking in the back of his mind that he's getting gifts and suffering for some awesome puzzle. Then the week after that he was line leader and I used that to get him to school because he knew his job was important. During that week I had a small conversation with the teacher that she was so glad that he was going to school....BUT wasn't sure what was going to happen next week when he didn't have a job to do. Everyone has just stressed about how important it is that he is there, but where is the support to get him there and the understanding about why this is going on? What makes me think is that ONE they don't care, or TWO they don't believe me and Racers dad when we say that he doesn't want to come. And is that because he "looks" fine when he is there? Because he isn't when he comes home, he isn't on Friday when we've hit the end of the week and is to over stressed and stimulated to even want to focus. Does his teacher even know what to look for when he is sensory seeking? I would hate to think that she just assumed he's like all other cases, his stims in public are very faint but if you know what you are looking at then you know what you need to see. Because no one has asked me what they are.

Anyways.... I was nervous going into this meeting. BUT and here is the shocker, it went really well! I was overcome, because finally someone was listening! She suggested some ideas for home and that she was going to talk to Racers IEP team. That she was at least willing to listen and hear me out and work with me instead of just brushing me off makes me feel wonderful and empowered! Its sad that I had to go in there defensive, sad that I had to have my guard up because sometimes we meet some wonderful people that are willing to help in the face of all the stone walls.


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