Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Upside Down Show

Not many tv shows have Racer in full quiet mode. When I find one I'm on cloud nine, when I find one that all the kids will watch and not fight over then its like full on wet dream! But usually in this case I find shows that the kids have been watching on repeats and in this case its The Upside Down show. Now to my dismay this is a show that hasn't had new episodes since 2006. Here is a clip from the show. It reminds me of Racer and Wolverine sometimes, they get this crazy together.

From all the youtube videos I found this was the best one lol

Anyways in my video search on YT I came across something else, these other videos from the Umbilical Brothers.... its the same guys but totally weirder and perverted! But funny for adults!! Score! Makes me wonder what NickJr thought of these guys to give them their own tv show for kids. So through all the vids of these guys I found one that made Racer laugh and wasn't dirty and here it is

Glad I found something Racer loves but I'm gonna have to find these guys on dvd.


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