Tuesday, August 2, 2011

YuckMouth House Displaced~~~ Part two

So our countdown has begun. The new owner came today with paperwork for us to look over and sign when we are ready. His company will serve us with a 60 day notice which is standard for CA. Meanwhile I've been looking and its kind of grim. No places that are decent for a family take as many people as we have, or pets. I'll be looking into "no-kill" shelters for the dogs which is just going to break everyones hearts.

But I still haven't given up hope, I still believe that it won't go down like this. I have faith that we will find a place for all of us and the dogs even if it means moving out of state. I refuse to give up hope.

I plan on keeping the blog updated for whats going on in the YuckMouth house. Still plan to sell my autism jars cause every jar I sell makes this house money. If not to help us move but to get Racer the stuff he needs to deal with his everyday life.

Not down or out just yet!


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