Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#techtues ~~ Apps in Review ABC Song Piano By Kiboomu

Recently I was given the special chance to review an app, so it will be the first #techtues blog that I run!

Apps are a fairly new thing for the YuckMouth house, we've played around with a few but finding the right ones to either entertain the masses and teach them at the same time can be quite the battle. Luckily I've happened upon a few good sites like A4cwsn and Kiboomu! The app I'm reviewing today is from the ladies over at Kiboomu who I've had the pleasure of tweeting with, you should totally follow them, they are awesome!!

The app is called ABC Song Piano, its available on the iphone, ipad, and itouch. Its an age appropriate app for toddlers and preschoolers and awesome for special needs kids learning their alphabet. When I first got it open I fooled with the settings, checked out the four different options, but as soon as that song played all the kids came running to see what I was doing. I gave each a turn and of course as amazed at how easy it was for them to try out the different settings and then actually record themselves playing. The loved it! So the YuckMouth clan gives 7 thumbs up!

Once I shooed them all away, tried out the different game types. I really loved the ease of switching from one type to the other. The button tabs were all easy to see and use, and the song was hilarious to hear with the barn animal sound enabled.  The letters were brightly colored and easy to hear and see, and the pace was slow enough that even my 1yr old was able to handle it and press the keys to hear the sounds. I'd say it is a great starting app, and at a great price $1.99! You can view it on the Kiboomu apps page and purchase it on itunes. My kids loved it and I loved hearing them sing the ABC song and giggle together!

Thanks to Mommy Perks for giving me my first app to review!


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