Sunday, August 14, 2011

Most Wonderful Time of The Year

Okay so this summer has been really hot, I live in a house full of people (9) and with no AC in the house to keep everyone nice and fresh, and throw in a son with autism and another with adhd you can only imagine how it's been. From short tempers to outburst to unpatient kids to finding out the owner sold the house with out informing us, for once I heard good news on tv. It was a jingle i havent heard in such a long time that really made my day. The song was from the commercial where the father is gliding on the shopping cart filling it up with back to school supplies while his kids look unhappy, with the song "It's the most wonderful time of the year" playing in the background. When seeing this commercial I right away looked at the calendar and noticed that the kids only have 10 more days til school starts again. 

Yay! 5 out of 7 kids will be at school for the whole day! Now it's not like i want to get rid of my kids but a few hours of break is really needed. With no babysitters or any help from anyone, i don't get to have any free time to write. ever try writing with 3 or 4 kids jumping all over you? It's kind of hard at times. 

Someone once asked me how come I dont blog as much. I tell them i do, it just takes forever blogging while typing with one hand as I use the other hand to keep the kids from jumping on my keyboards. What I did to burn the kids out for the summer was take them with me on my 5 mile walk then go swimming for 2 hours. But many of you who have kids know that they get this sudden burst of energy late at night every night! 

So hopefully now school will burn them out and get these kids tired so when they come home everyone goes to bed at a decent time and not 11 pm or midnight. So if you havent heard the commercial with the jingle yet, trust me it's going to make everyone who has kids and waiting for them to go back to school very happy:)


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