Friday, August 19, 2011

CreateSpace~~~ Why I Love to Hate You and Hate to Love You

So despite our current situation we have been trudging along, doing stuff to help keep our heads above water.

I promise Jill those jars are going out this weekend.....I'm a totally jerk about it seriously.

So here it is the YuckMouth daddy wrote a childrens book! WooHoo and all that good stuff I couldn't be more happier for him. Its funny and cute and its about Racer, he's excited, I'm excited and so is the hubs! Read his stuff here and you can now find him here on his very own tab  YuckMouth Daddy Blogs!

Ok so he got the copy back from the artist and he was ready to slap that bad boy into CreateSpace. For those that don't know that is amazons free self publishing site, the site itself is pretty easy to navigate through it should have been a breeze.

Boy was I wrong.

So lets keep this short and sweet cause I could blog for days about how screwed up this process has been. From not being the right size, to not having the correct cover PDF, then the pictures not being the right DPI. I live in the land of acronyms and these pissed me off to no end.

He's had to go back to the artist 4 times to get to fix stuff, first off being how CreateSpace has a 24 page minimum and the book is 22 pages!! Took us forever to figure out that  that was the problem, luckily the artist fixed it and it was off to the next section. The cover.....ugh! Lets just say I didn't know that it had to be a wrap around image. So after reworking the cover image A MILLION TIMES, I finally got something to work for it. Finished the process and waited for the approval email which can take up to 48hrs.

I'd say the hubs was excited, nervous and giddy, I was tired and ready to put my computer through the wall. Since he isn't very techie, and I am only in the sense that I like to "pretend" I know what I'm doing, I sat in front of the computer trying to figure this crap out.

So cut to 5 emails later, each one saying "Hey stupid! You got it wrong AGAIN!!" (ok so they didn't say that but still.....)

A email about how the cover had to be a wrap around image, having to then create a new cover, to the book not being sized right....fixed it AGAIN. Then BACK to the DPI problem...meanwhile this all creates a new restart for the 48hrs approval.

I've never hated my computer as much as I have right now!! I may never want to see the inside of a email inbox AGAIN!!

Anyways lets close this horror story with a "happy ending" (no perverts...not the kind you get at some seedy massage place) He finally got a "approval" email, I jumped on the computer ready to sell the heck out of this book! Ummmmm no sorry now we have to wait a WEEK to get the copy approval sent to him, THEN we can sell the heck out of this book. But I'm not keeping my hopes up.....knowing CreateSpace we'll have like another 48hr wait.

So in closing.....this book was loving written by the hubs but blood, sweat and tears have gone into creating it. Not my blood of course, but the hubs blood cause I may have to stab him once this is all done.


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