Monday, August 15, 2011

They All Came Out of Your....?

So as you all know I was able to go to BlogHer this past week.  I wasn't sure what to expect, I didn't follow may posts of the twitter stream in prep for my trip. I packed and went with the flow, even my weekend motto of "I don't care" was pretty easy going.

We ended up going to the parties over at BlogHer....actually we ended up looking really lost and some hot hotel guy with a deep voice said to us "ladies are you looking for the parties?" (thank you deep voice hot guy)

Now here is where it gets weird, and I have to say living in Los Angeles all my life, and the hubs working in Hollywood I've met all types of people. But this fruit cake takes the cake, we met her going down the ramp instead of using the stairs cause Caryns hot shoes we just couldn't walk down those steep steps. Now I expect to meet various people here, talk to lots and lots of them. But here is how this one went....

Hi I'm so and so, oh those are really cute shoes, I can't take the stairs either I've had some vodka....

And of course we make small talk, about our blogs and what we blog about and then it happens. The conversation I was actually dreading "YOU HAVE 7 KIDS?!!" I knew eventually it would happen, it was actually the one thing I prepped myself for. But the way this lol there is no prep for this.

"You had 7 kids out your vajayjay?!!"

I won't bore you with the entire conversation, because it mostly went with the above statement over and over again in different forms. Leaving me and Caryn kind of stunned... I mean who wants to talk about my vajayjay all night? Hell I don't think I've ever even talked about it that much unless I was at the OBGYN lol.

We lost her at some point, at her request to talk to others about the fact that we had 7 kids out our vajayjays. (lol yea like I wanted to be that oddball everyone blogs about) Till she found us again! I swear we hadn't even been there 12hrs and already we had a stalker! With drink in hand she proceeded to again talk about the vajayjays , asking if we talked to anyone else about then, then to talk about tribes in third world countries who also have many kids apparently.

I have to admit that this drunk woman broke the ice for me. I was nervous about meeting new people...other bloggers, talking to product reps and companies. After the whole vajayjay talk though, I figured if NONE of them asked me about that I'd be perfectly happy.

So thank you crazy drunk vajayjay lady!


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