Thursday, August 25, 2011

People on a Lake, 3D Shark, Sept 2nd

I'm typing away on my computer when my older son walks into the room.  Since I have my headphones on (like I always do when i write) My son taps my leg while shouting Dadda (yes my son and older daughter call me Dadda) I take off my head set to listen what he has to say. He tells me he wants to see the movie where there are 7 people lost in a lake then there's a 3d shark eating them. I interrupt him.

ME: Did you just say there's a 3d shark in this movie?

My son looks at me confused. He continues to talk about how there's 7 people lost in a lake then there's 6 people then there's 5 people and this 3D shark attacks them. He continues to tell me it's like the Piranha movie but with a 3D shark eating everybody. I stop him again before he can continue.

Me: There you go again with this 3D shark. Why aren't the people in the movie 3D?

So this really confused him. He then tells me the movie comes out on September 2nd. So me not knowing what the hell he's talking about I go check out and look this 3D shark thingy up. The name of the movie is called "Shark 3D" (how original)

 Now I know many of you are probably asking why is my son of 8 asking me about wanting to see this R rated flick, and how did he know about the Piranha movie that came out last year. So it's like this, I show my kids movies that I believe they would probably see themselves late at night. Now I don't show them Porn or anything but if I want to watch a movie in this house they either like what I'm watching or they can go and watch cartoons. There's nothing wrong with cartoons, I watch tons and tons of toons ( I have 5 kids) But I know many people lecture me when I tell them my kids watched movies like "The Matrix" or "Blade" or even the movie "Piranha", def not movies for kids. I did make them close their eyes when there are always dirty scenes on tv. I just don't want my kids to be that kid who's never seen a R rated movie in high school and when they do a sleep over there not the odd kid out, or scared out of their mind after watching a R rated movie at the age of 18. Trust me; I've seen many people get freaked out from movies that they never watched before. I even experience sleeping with the lights on through out the whole house because of a few horror movies at my house that my girl never watched as a kid growing up. If the movie is too scary for my kids they leave the room but if it's not they stay and watch the whole movie. I'm a huge movie lover and I think my kids should experience every cinematic creativity there is out there and hopefully sparking that creative flow within themselves to come out as it did with their daddy:) No my kids ain’t weird like the kids from the movie "Village of the Dammed" but they are full of excitement and curiosity and know how to enjoy a good movie. By the end of the movie I'm usually left only with my older daughter who's def a movie lover just like her daddy:)


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