Thursday, August 25, 2011

For Racer on His Birthday

Its been a odd month of sorts, the kind where everything that could go wrong does. If you've been reading my blog then you know that life lately hasn't been easy to say the least. Five of the YuckMouths have had birthdays, I've put on my brave mommy face and we celebrated the birth of my babies. For Racer I knew it would be different, it always has been. Big parties scare him, to many people set him off and lately he has a issue with eating sweets and getting dirty.

So today was his day, I left it up to him but it would be easy cause most of his day would be spent at school. I usually bake the kids their favorite cakes for their special days, but today it topped 103 and in a house with no A/C using the oven was out of the question. We bought donuts and put candles in them and sang happy birthday.

We id have some good news though! The book that the hubs has been working on is finally done and the proof came in today early. Racer was on cloud 9!

Now if you've never seen pics of him before he looks like the normal kid. Except this picture is different, I almost just made it a wordless Wednesday post because it speaks volumes for me....he's smiling. He never outright smiles, NEVER! Its always a smirk, or some weird half smile half "get this camera out of my face" look he gives me. That book he's holding there, its about him, the YM daddy wrote it for him! It was the best birthday present any of us could have asked for. If all goes well this might just get us out of the hole we are currently in.

So Happy Birthday to my baby! I was going to write a long letter about how you are special to me, how your progress everyday is something to celebrate! 

But I can't cry anymore right now, I need to celebrate and since I have girl parts writing a letter like that would have started the water works.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY One Sock!! I promise mommy won't always be sad! I love you!!

I promised the hubs I would link the book here....if you are interested in getting The Adventures of One Sock click here.


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