Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where did Bonnie and Clyde go?

When PigPen was a baby, Racer paid her no mind. He ignored her cried, even covered her with a blanket so he didn't have to see her anymore. He was two, he was sorta of odd and I mean that in a endearing way because I never thought of him as odd. He was my child and I loved him and everything he did. As the year progressed and he didn't I became worried like most parents do (thats another blog). Turns out he had autism, so we cried and got lost like most parents do in that first year. But at the mark of 3yrs old for Racer and 1yr old for PigPen things began to change in their dynamic relationship. As Racer progressed and he got better (sorta) he reached out to PigPen. At first I thought it was awesome, he wouldn't really play with his older sibs as much as he would play near them. Or chase after them because that didn't need social rules to play it was either chase or be chased.

But with PigPen he didn't need to talk or impress her, she was impressed with just his quiet manor. The way he set up his toys and not ever once did she mess with them like most toddlers would. Then as PigPen turned 2 and Racer was 4 it changed even more. PigPen is the quiet type, she talks a lot now but she was smaller then the rest of the kids and was just generally quiet. But she loved her some Racer and Racer loved his sister. I could see it, it was there every day when he would seek her out when he woke up. How he would sit quietly in bed till she woke up and then it was time to play. Then they turned into Tommy and Dill Pickles from the RugRats I swear to god! I would fine them helping each other get into things they couldn't other wise without each other. It warmed my heart because no matter what they had each other. Then CareBear came into the picture and Racers sisters were his life. He adores them! And even though I've never heard him say "I love you" (without prompts) I knew how he felt!

Now here comes where it breaks my heart. PigPen is now 3yrs old and Racer is 5yrs old and CareBear is 1. And while he still adores his sisters. PigPen has some what out grown her dear lil brother. She's talking, expressing emotions, throwing needs for social structure and rules. And while she isn't firm in these things, Racer doesn't always understand it. Over the last 2yrs they were my Tommy and Dill, my Bonnie and Clyde because where one went the other followed! And sadly its changing, Bonnie is moving and growing and soon will see that her brother is different. But she will still love him, that is her Clyde I will never doubt the love my kids have for each other. Its evident everyday. No matter how much Wolverine fights with Racer that's his brother and he will and has defended him till his last breath (another blog)

So while Bonnie and Clyde may move slowly apart they will always love each other but its going to be different sooner or later. That last pic is old lol but CareBear won't sit still for pictures anymore lol


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