Friday, January 7, 2011


So I'm a awesome mom! I don't to toot my own horn but yea TOOT TOOT. For Christmas I always make sure the kids get the few random things that they ask for. If not from me and the daddy then from the loads of family and extended family that we/they have. This year they wanted some random board games and art supplies. My outspoken #3 wanted this Barbie Jet plane thing but she as usual is out of her lovely mind lol.

So this year they wanted  *drum roll please*

Now I'm all for fun and games and this one seemed really cool. Four nets....good idea for the 4 youngest that would be playing. So Christmas rolled around and I was kinda freaking out because they hadn't gotten it yet. But there is was, unwrapped by Wolverine....he was elated! Hell the kids got a Kinect for Christmas but this EleFun game was where it was at!

Cut to a few days later and bummed to find out that we didn't get batteries! No problem I ran down to the local 99cents store and grabbed a few just to tide them over till I did my usual run to Target. UMmmmmm this turned out to be NO BUENO......major NO BUENO actually. lol the cheap batteries didn't have enough power to even inflate the elephants trunk.....someone get this guy some Viagra STAT. Me and the daddy start giggling about how the poor guy can't keep it up. The YM's are getting pissy because nothing is happening, and then there is was one stray random butterfly and they all went ape shit knocking each other around to get the prize. Cut again to a few minutes later and here comes another one.  I'm sitting there and the Snickers commercial pops in my head *not going anywhere for a while?* Epic parent fail here, the one toy they were so happy to get and it just sucks.

So the daddy, being the awesome daddy he is had a brilliant idea, now at some point I must have stopped paying attention or something because I turn around and the daddy is standing on the couch with a small tissue box in hand and counting to three and it happens. Floating butterflies! Screaming kids, arms, legs flying then the usual OH YOU GOT MORE THEN ME. Then the counting again by daddy and more giggling funny. I being the great one again, grabbed the camera and recorded it, lol and if the daddy gives me permission I will eventually attach it to this blog because its to funny to miss.


tence1 said...

that video has been marked "condidential" and locked away in the warrehouse full of Government secrets.

RacersMommy said...

lol that's no fun! I'll look at the vid I think ur barely in it Indy

Big Daddy Autism said...

Post the video! (Says the fat guy who blogs under an assumed name and posts no pictures of his kids)

RacersMommy said...

lol I really want to BD but the first commenter on here is the party pooper hubby who wnt let me lol.

Jen said...

That game sucks even when the batteries work. IT shoots all the butterflies out at once and then you are constantly refilling it...and my kids get all pissed that they can't catch them all like on TV. FAIL. ; )

RacersMommy said...

lol Jen

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