Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 1 of gifting

So I'm a little behind here, I'm actually on day two of gifting but haven't blogged about day one.

The weekend was hard, Racer wanted his prizes for going to school but since he hadn't gone anywhere yet he had to wait. And we all know "waiting" is the hardest thing ever for a child with autism. Monday morning rolled around and YM daddy got the older kids off to school and let me snuggle in bed longer with the girls and Racer. Till the Racer alarm went off and I realized it was time for their breakfast and getting Racer off to school. What I've decided to do is get him up a lil earlier then usual, make him his breakfast but put his clothes out on his bed instead of attacking him with them. This proved to work a lil better till I went into his room and he was just jumping on his bed instead of getting dressed. So I reminded him that he needed to go and that he wouldn't be getting any of his gifts till he went to school.

With just a tad bit of fussing he finally got dressed on his own and actually got his backpack and jacket on. The mini mom in me was jumping up and down grateful that my moms plan worked. As we walked to school he reminded me that we needed to call bama and let her know he was going to school and also take his picture when we got there. Its funny tryin to get him to leave a message for her. He didn't enjoy talking to her beep as he called it. Then the million questions about why she didn't answer the phone and was she still sleeping lol and if she was sleeping why wasn't she awake yet. In his mind if the sun is up then its morning time. But you know what regardless of all the millions of questions I'm completely grateful for it, because a year ago he was nonverbal and that was horrible.

So off to school we went, him counting the length of fences and yelling at dogs, questioning where the flowers where and what not. When we got there he posed for his picture but the sun was shinning in his eyes so he couldn't really see but here is what we got.

And off he went, so much better then the day that he struggled and snatched his backpack from my hands and stormed off. I was so proud of him, because I know how much he hates going to school.

Well I was home for when he got to pick his gift but YM daddy said it went really well, that he picked his

He is and always be my puzzle kid from day one its one of the few things he's excelled at.


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