Thursday, January 20, 2011

For Nicky

Dear Nicky

This is my most favorite song right now. It means a lot to me and my son his name is Racer and sometimes he gets picked on. Right now he is only 5 and sometimes doesn't understand what it all means but like him, you are a FIREWORK! Never let anyone tell you any different! You are a awesome young man, sometimes other kids can be mean and hurtful but you are a FIREWORK!! Never ever forget that! You can shine as bright as the moon!

Listen to the words to the song and remember you are a FIREWORK!!


Jen said...

I love this song! Good choice!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lisa, that music video touched my heart. What's your favorite show? Mine is Atomic Betty. Bye bye for now.
Love your new friend,

RacersMommy said...

I love watching Atomic Betty too! But my favorite is Sponge Bob SquarePants!!!

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