Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 2 of Gifting

So I'm seriously totally behind here on the days of gifting blogs but I realized something today. With Racer going to school its been quiet. I've also been working out in the mornings so I have this new found energy. I actually haven't wanted to sit on the computer when I get home from dropping him off at school. I have to admit that I missed my somewhat alone time. I'm on constant alert for meltdowns and its tiring. I won't feel guilty for it either. Anyways here we 2 of gifting

haha lets see if I remember

Ok so its been going really well actually. I've set up a bit of a morning routine for him to better transition for him. He's not much of a early riser so I've been setting the Racer alarm, goes off around 9:10am. I get him up and ready for breakfast, while he's eating I set his clothes on his bed. I try not to be in so much of a rush in the morning but if I get him up any earlier he's all ASD before we hit the sidewalk to go to school. Lately we've had our morning talks. Same questions every morning, asking about where the flowers went, and why the birds are always on that same wire in the same spot every morning. He's also taken to counting how long everything is, its his new thing. Counts fences, brick walls, cars just about everything he sees. He asks about how many more days he has till Friday then we sing the days of the week song. lol seems like a lot of talking in such a short walk but its amazing and I love our mornings together. His thoughts are muddled by sounds and lots of people and our usual YuckMouth chaos. He's also started calling bama (grandma) in the mornings to tell her he's going to school. Problem with this is when we are walking she's just starting her day at work so she can't always answer the phone so we have to throw in teaching him how to leave messages. Then the million questions about why she didn't answer. His favorite one is that she is still sleeping, haha and this bothers him to no end.

So we get to school and take our picture which he loves doing now

He's a lil ham!

So on this day he picked his sea life puzzle as his second day prize. So its been going really well, we've had some other added stresses from him but nothing we can't handle.


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