Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cookie Cutter Moms

Yes, I know today is the first day of Autism awareness, well today I want to bring awareness to this Autism mom!

In the next 30 days I will be bringing you 30 Days of Autism, from myself and some really great parent bloggers!!


I recently had the pleasure of being kicked from a Mom's group for Autism parents.





Seriously right?! I mean not to toot my own horn but I can be pretty awesome! Now that being said lol I probably fanned the flames a bit. Maybe my brand of honestly wasn't what the wanted to hear? I am always nice I am always kind, I will never shame you for your parenting style BUT I also won't buy into it without doing some research.

Because my momma always taught me to be me....not to be like everyone else!

Welcome to cookie cutter moms and why I won't ever be one!

For one that shape is totally boring! The dress does nothing for my shape! Plus I'm way to old to follow the leader!

What's wrong with a lil healthy research? What's wrong with sharing the information I find? Sorry if it made you feel like shit but oh well? haha That's the way the cookie crumbles!! *yet another reason not to be a cookie cutter mom*

This is going to be a two part series....because while this was sorta funny? I have a very serious issue I want to talk about next. 



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