Thursday, April 12, 2012

Apps in Review and Giveaway!~ Lost Larry By Wasabi Productions

Something exciting today readers!! We have a great app to read about and a giveaway!!

Lost Larry for iPad is about a lizard that has lost his way and only you can help bring him home! Its an amazing interactive book written by Graham Nunn, I really love the narration as well, easy to understand and it just sounds wonderful!

To help Lost Larry get home you have to use your finger to trace the path Larry needs to get home. Like with 10 Giggly Gorillas, Lost Larry is drawn beautifully. The pictures are engaging and bright, each page has objects you can touch and interact with.

While its a great book to read with your children, it can also be read to them. There is an option to have hints on for younger children. Its been a huge hit in my house and sure to in yours as well. It also great because of the fine motor use of using your pointer finger and tracing the laid out path to help Larry. 

This part is my kids favorite, it wasn't until I got a hold of the app and played with it myself did I realize what they were doing. See if you don't tap it again then Larry falls, he makes this funny sound when he does, but it makes my kids laugh every time lol. 

In all its another great app from Wasabi Productions! Plus they have given me three codes to giveaway!! So please make sure to stop by their Facebook page, and their Twitter, also if you don't feel like waiting to see if you won a code or if you don't win. Here is the link to buy your very own copy! Lost Larry on iTunes.

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