Friday, March 30, 2012

1 in 88 or 1 in 54...Autism is a reality Not a Number

Recently the CDC released their new numbers. People are shocked, when I say people I'm guessing its all the NT parents, the couples who don't have kids yet.....

Me I'm not so shocked. Why you ask....because we live daily the 1 in 54. Those aren't very good odds if you ask me. I wasn't going to write a post about this but I want to show solidarity to my fellow parents. We are here for each other daily, monthly, even hourly.

So here is my 1 in 54

You've come a long way baby!

He's been my 1 in 54 everyday for six years and will continue to be that. BUT Autism isn't a number, its him right there. With his big smile enjoying life and hugging his momma. He's not a number to me he is my reality, his face right along with all the other 1 in 88 or the 1 in 54 should be more then numbers to you and to the CDC.

What does that number get him? What does it prove? It surely won't help him get better services, it surely won't surround him with more kids like him. What does that number get me? It got me phone calls and a timeline filled with "CDC reports new Autism numbers". It won't get me or my husband added support, it won't mean getting him services is less of a battle. If anything it means now I have to fight even harder, it means I have to support those other families who are struggling just like we are.


Lisa said...

Your son is so cute! And a great post...I so agree...we'll have to fight harder now...for all of these kids.

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