Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Felt Board App Review and Giveaway! ~~ By Software Smoothie

Hey everyone! Today I'm bring you all my very first giveaway!! I am very excited to be bringing you the app that has my kids glued to the ipad since I downloaded it!

So today I bring you Felt Board By Software Smoothie! They are a husband and wife team and they are pretty awesome!

So I was going to do some videos, but Racer wasn't game and CareBear couldn't stop talking into the video long enough to work with the app. lol kids

When I first opened up this app, it reminded me of  the old sticker clings sets that I used to play with when I was a kid. There are over 20+ backgrounds with over every scene possible. A variation of  felt people to use along with faces and hair. There are also faces with emotions which could be great for creating social stories for our kids! I was truly amazed at the in-depth customization you can get into with it. I played for hours myself! Then of course the kids wanted to know what mommy was doing and I haven't seen the ipad since!

CareBear likes creating boat loads of people all wearing pretty dresses (princess stage). Racers done some really cool scenes with his like this one!

There is a party on his farm and everyone is invited! He's had a lot of fun with this app! You can tell because after the party on the farm, they held an after party on the moon!

In that picture you can see there is a sidebar, each tab brings up different pieces to add to the picture. People, clothes, accessories, animals it goes on and on! If you don't like what you've added you can easily toss it into the trash can down at the bottom. There is also an easy picture taking button to save the scenes you have made!

The app is extremely easy to use, and fun as well! Look at how much Racer loved it

So here is the fun part! You can enter to win one of two promo codes I have! Entry is really easy using Rafflecopter! BUT if you don't want to wait to see if you win you can buy the code here. You can also find the developer team on Facebook and Twitter! So go....get to going and enter to win and stop by and say hello!! Tell them the YuckMouth Mommy sent you!

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