Friday, March 9, 2012

YuckMouth Daddy and the Kickstarter

Today I would be doing the Special Needs Ryan Gosling meme but you should totally go check it out. Today I'm bringing you something special from the YuckMouth daddy.

Here's his story:

Last year I started a Kickstarter project, and it wasn't a success. I'm trying again this year to kick off 2012 right with another children's book of Adventures of One Sock. 

One Sock are true tales of my son's life and every day living with Autism. It's an Adventure living with my son and I started this children's book to show awareness to other parents with or with out a special needs member in their family. Everyone loved my first book of Adventures of One Sock "The Lion", and I wanted to share another Adventure with you called "My Dog Rodger".  

I'm looking for help with donations to make this project happen. The money donated will go to the Artist who did a very awesome job in the first book, and to publishing cost so I can send this book to school Libraries and other venues so kids from all around the world can enjoy such a good children's book. Come be part of a great project and help support awareness!

See what happens when One Sock gets a new family member, a small scrunty dog name Rodger. One Sock doesn't like how Rodger chews everything even his favorite stuff animal, crocodile. Read how One Sock tries to figure out why puppies like too chew so much.

Here are the links to both the first book 

This is the Kickstarter page

Adventures of One Sock is a good read for every child and parent who's still a child at heart.


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