Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cute As Can Be~ Lil Boo Books Review

We are a huge reading family, so when I was approached to review two books by Daddy Bookins I jumped at the chance.

Daddy Bookins has two books out, the first being Outside with Lil Boo and book two is At the Zoo with Lil Boo.

With his trusty elephant by his side Lil Boo sets out to see whats going on outside. The story is a catchy tale of all the things that Lil Boo meets and sees outside. From ants, to birds, bees and so much more. The illustrations in the book are cute and engaging.

At The Zoo with Lil Boo is the second book in the Lil Boo series. This time Lil Boo with his best friend Onote the Elephant is at the Zoo exploring after he finds a mysterious key. As they roam the zoo they encounter many animals and each one comes along for the journey. Tired and lost at the end of their travels they lay down for a nap, when Lil Boo wakes he finds himself in the car on the way home....was it all a dream?

Daddy Bookins is the founder of the Peas and Bananas blog, you should really go take a look and a read. I'm loving the blogs so far!!

I really enjoyed reading these books with my kids. They loved hearing what Lil Boo was going to get into next, and they could relate to all the things they see outside and at the zoo. So far we've been reading these two book daily. I would recommend adding these two books to your home library, so here is where you can buy your own copy.

The YuckMouths give this 5 thumbs up!


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