Friday, April 6, 2012

~30 Days of Autism: Day 6~ Its Ok To Say.....

So I'm a tad behind in the blog posts....4 days to be precise. Its been a crazy week from hell and I just haven't found the words to explain it all here in the blog.

But lately the news has struck me, I'm in mourning for the loss of family, friends and special needs children. In all of that I've thrust myself into work, into crafting and reading. I had stayed off the internet slightly, mostly lurking and reading but not posting. I have done myself a disservice by doing that though.

I have managed to surround myself with some really great friends, some of which I would consider family or as close if not closer then that. By being away from them, I have let my emotions consume me a bit. Its been hard to sleep, and just be, because I realize that I NEED them. I need to be ok in saying "I need help, or I need support"

I have learned that its ok to lean on others, the friends I have won't judge me as a horrible person or parent if I reach out and just say " I need help". That's what my friends are for and in turn its what I do for them. I may never be able to physically hug them when they need a hug or sit next to them in a coffeehouse while we laugh about the days events. We may never be able to take our kids at the park for playdates without judgement. But I know I can turn on my computer, I can log on with my phone and my friends are there. I can take them where ever I go. I can vent about the meltdown in the mall, I can cry when we get bad news from the doctor, and I can just scream when the school just isn't doing what needs to be done.

So its ok to be weak sometimes, its ok to cry and just throw your hands up. But its never ok to take on the world alone. Because you are not alone, I'm not alone......I have you.

We are here, you are not alone.....remember that.


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