Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tune In To Monsuno!

A while back I wrote about a new show coming to NickToons, called Monsuno you can read about that here. I've been asked to write another review and seeing as how my kids love the show I jumped at the chance.

Its the classic good vs evil combined with digital monsters! Suitable for both younger viewers like my boys and the older tween set! I've watched a lot of episodes with my kids but its something I know I can put on for them and not have to explain or "explain away" what is going on with the show. With so many "kid" directed shows this is one every mom can be happy with.

If you don't have cable you can catch them online! The NickToons site has lots of the episodes on there!

About “MonsunoMillions of years ago, “Monsuno,” a living DNA, hitched a ride to Earth in a concentrated asteroid pocket. When it landed on Earth, the impact drove the dinosaurs into extinction. The “Monsuno” DNA lay dormant until a scientist named Jeredy Suno activated it, sending a rippling wave of movement back into action. By doing so, Jeredy may have reignited the end of the world but he also created its salvation, the “Monsuno” monsters. Now, it’s up to his son Chase to learn the secrets of “Monsuno” and help save the world from impending destruction.

Taken from NickToons site

Yesterday, tonight and tomorrow are all new episodes! Make sure you check them out on NickToons 8:30 ET! You can also check out the Facebook page for updates, pictures and toys!

If you've tuned in or have been watching, I'd love to hear your feedback!


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