Monday, May 7, 2012

Bullies By The YuckMouth Daddy

As some of you know, recently our family has been the target of two bullies, this is the story as it happened written by the YuckMouth Daddy.

Everyday I pick up my kids, it's not much but for not having a job it gives me the exercise and the time that I need to clear my head. I get closer to the school and I see Racer run into the street chasing his back pack. He picks up his bag and I see this little black kid kick my son's back pack back into the street. My son who thinks nothing of it chases for the bag into the street. I get closer and tell the little boy who kicked my son's back pack into the street not to be doing this to my son. "Don't be a bully" I said to him. The little kid who's a 3rd grader looks up to me.

BOY: Fuck you Bitch!

ME: What?

BOY: I said fuck you Bitch!

Without thinking, I respond back.

ME; Fuck You!

I walk my son back to the front of the school looking for my other son. I tell my son Racer never to play with that boy again, and stay in front of the school as he waits for me to pick him up. I talk to both my son's as we wait for my daughter to get out. She gets out much later since she's in a higher grade. I can hear the little boy behind us calling us many names and sticking his middle finger at my sons. I tell both my sons to ignore the boy. When my daughter finally arrives we are about to leave when the little boy's brother and sister walk up to us.

OLDER BOY: Hey mister, did you tell my brother something.

ME: Yes I did, your brother was kicking my son's backpack into the street.

The little girl joins in the conversation.

GIRL: Why you gotta be like that?

ME: I told him not to be a bully.

OLDER BOY: Next time this happens you should tell one of the teachers on the premises, that way my brother can get into trouble.

ME: You’re right, I should of did that....

Before I could say sorry the little girl interrupts.

GIRL: You know what man, suck your daddy's dick! 

ME: what!

GIRL: You heard me, suck your daddy’s dick you fucking asshole! You pedophile bitch! Mother fucker!

My kids are in shock, they don't say anything. I tell my kids to start walking and ignore these kids. We walk away. The little girl gets a little too close to my daughter.

GIRL: You wanna see a bully mother fucker. How about I kick your daughter?

The girl tries to kick my daughter but I pull my daughter to the side before it can happen.

GIRL: Bitch! Motherfucker! You’re not going to be around to protect them when they come back to school tomorrow. I'm going to knife your fucking daughter at school tomorrow mother fucker!

The little 3rd grader boy gets involved in the conversation.

BOY: Yeah you mexican wetback asshole! Tomorrow i'm going to stick your sons head in the toilet til he can't breathe anymore.

Now my son, whose special needs doesn't really understand what he meant by that. So his response was.

RACER: Oh cool, I can be like Nemo and swim.

That scared me right there. Knowing that my son doesn't comprehend that his life is being threaten by this boy and might take up the offer to be like Nemo. I had to explain to him, that it wasn't exactly what the boy meant. But how do you explain this to someone who has Autism?

We kept walking home, as I'm trying to keep my kids away from these kids, the older chubby boy was holding back his sister who kept trying to rush my daughter and punch or kick her.  The girl and little boy started throwing rocks at my kids, hitting my daughter in the process. I had to turn around many times and this time I was verbal. Now if your going to threaten my kids life, then I'm going to be very verbal. I told the kids to Fuck off and back off already. The little girl kept screaming:

GIRL: Call the pho pho (police) mother fucker wetback! I'm not scared.

BOY: My uncle's going to shoot your fucking ass you asshole! Motherfucker!

We walk down the street and these kids are still following us. The little boy is running at us with a shopping cart. He lets go, but I stop the cart from hitting my kids. The lady who's yard where the cart stopped started to shout at the 3 kids harassing us to stop their antics and get this shopping cart away from her house. I guess these kids live near cause the little boy started to run to his house calling for his grandma to come outside and beat me up. 

As soon as I get home, I call the school and let them know what was happening after school. The first reaction from the assist Principal was "I think I know who you’re talking about". I didn't even have to mention any names other than one of their teacher’s name. This only told me that these kids must have other issues with others.

The next morning, we walk to school. I had a little harder time getting the kids to go because of what happened, but I assured them everything would be okay and that the Assist. Principal would make sure that everything is okay. As we get closer to the school my kids stop walking. I as them what's wrong. They point to the little Boy and Girl from yesterday. They came up to us screaming and shouting once again. This time the little boy runs to his house calling for his grandma and uncles. I tell my kids to walk a little faster to school. When we finally arrive in front of the school, this car drives up to us. Black guy sitting in the drivers seat shouts at us.

MAN: Hey! You the mother fucker who grabbed my nephew?

ME: Sorry I never touched anyone.

Which I didn't, but apparently the little boy told his family this morning that I grabbed his shirt and shook him around.

MAN: My nephew pointed you out! IF I find out you touch my boy sexually I'm going to fuck your and your kids up! 

This really scared my kids. Me, I'm used to threats from my security job in Hollywood. I was just hoping this guy wouldn't be pulling out a gun Boys in the Hood style.

I walk my kids into the office and ask for the Assist. Principal and let them know the situation. They tell me to fill out this report about the incident. I was also told not advised but mentioned that I should follow up with a Police report. I did just that. No way is this going to get better and if this kid is telling his family that I grabbed him and shook him around. I can only imagine what dram this would bring after school. Just last week I seen his mother or grandmother chase a 4th grader around because he called her a fat ass. There's less than 30 days of school left, don't need this kind of drama!

I get a call from the Assist. Principal and she tells me that she talked to the kids who were harassing my self and my kids. She continues with that the little boy admitted to what they did, and claimed that I grabbed him by the shirt and shook him. I told her that she could talk to my kids and ask them if there was any truth to the little boy's story. Once again they mentioned about the police since their Uncle did threaten me and the kids. I call the police they tell me that their school police are busy till after 12pm cause their in a special meeting. When the officer finally shows up I tell him the whole story.

OFFICER: Did you grab the boy by his shirt?

ME: OF course I didn't. After school there are over 200 hundred people, kids and parents. Don't you think if I did what the boy says I did, someone would of said something or reported it to the school officials. I would be banned from the school. 

I did tell the officer that I was very verbal after my kids life was threaten and when they were getting hit by rocks and almost a shopping cart. The Officer takes my report and tells me he will be there after school and will be talking with the Assist Principal and the student’s parents. I pick up my kids and talk with the Principal and told that this will not be tolerated and will also be taken cared of. I let them know that it was only 2 of the 3 kids that was starting trouble. 

The school police come around later that day and tell me he talked with the parents of the kids. He also told me I should not be so verbal with little kids. I let him know if someone threatens my kids life, then shits going to get real. 

OFFICER: Do you have a phone?

ME: Yes.

OFFICER: Do you have a camera on your phone?

ME: Yes.

OFFICER: Next time video tape what happened. Youtube is a very powerful weapon.

He was so right. I haven't had my phone on for like 4 months and when I finally do have my phone on I didn't put it for good use. I didn't even think about video taping this whole situation. I'm going to have to make sure I make use of my video camera pn my phone next time around.

I find out the little boy has in school suspension and the little girl got suspended for a day or two. Not sure if I agree with the in school suspension, with less than 30 days of school left, I'm still very nervous for my kids. I know my two older kids can defend themselves. But as for my younger son (racer) who's in the 1st grade and thinking chasing after his back pack in the street was a game makes me very nervous for future bullies.


Terri Vejrosta said...

How bout a no tolerance policy. Threatening to kill... Which they both did is considered a terroristic threat and a federal offense. To cover up their bullying they falsely accuse you?
I would request that the children ( yours) be escorted to the office until you get there. No waiting in line.
Report this to family services. These kids need to be examined and counseled.
I grew up in Southern California schools and was quite often one of the few Caucasian kids and always a target. I was terrorized daily. When no one helped me I played like I had a mystery illness until I was admitted to CHOC for a month.
There were no videos then, no bullying policies.
Send a copy of this blog to every agency and news station in Southern Cali.
God I hate this for you!

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