Friday, May 18, 2012

Looking For An Artist By The YuckMouth Daddy

Walking to school one morning my son Racer asks me when was there going to be another Adventure of One Sock book. I looked down at him and told him soon. It's not like I haven't been trying, the story for the next few books are in place but just the whole funding of the book. I tried Kickstarter not once but twice and both didn't work out as I thought it would of. The artist of the last book, told me she doesn't promote books only draws them. She also told me that since I was doing a kickstarter project for the "One Sock" series that she would also charge $110 per pic. I'm thinking to myself, "Whoa, wait a minute", this is a lot of money. Because it's a Kickstarter project the price goes up? The book would be even more money than what I asked for on Kickstarter.

The last Adventures of One Sock, did okay but only okay. It made my money back but nothing much more other than entertaining many kids from all over the world. I understand that artists have their prices and they should get paid for what their talents are. But we live in place where the economy isn't as great as people think it is. For me as an artist, I would work with one's budget if I was ever asked to do a writing gig for them. But that's me and I'm a team player, I enjoy creating and making things come to life on paper.

I remember looking for a artist to draw my children's book and so many wanted lots and lots of money. I wonder if people lose their way and forget why they do what they do. Is it for passion or is it for money? I understand people should get paid for their talents but when one is starting off, we should all work together and collaborate and help one another to that higher place. I'm a true believer in helping those who help me with my career. I met quite a few people who get something and once they advanced upwards forget about the people who helped them get there. I'm not like that; I like to brainstorm and network and help with others on their goals in life. It's a shame to see how others don't think the same way. I really liked the artist who drew the last "One Sock" book, and as did Racer. Since it was his life story on paper it was only fair to show him the many different styles of drawings before picking the one we finally chose. 

After this book came out I put out my security book "Life After Wrap", I thought about putting out another "One Sock" book, but wasn't too sure since it didn't get the same reaction as my security book did. Even though the book is about my son's life with Autism, I was told that my book wasn't Autism enough. Go Figure. Maybe the timing wasn't right, were in a process of finding a new place to live and settling in the new place that we did end up finding. Time on the internet was limited to me so networking with others was sort of hard for me, also the interaction with the Artist just wasn't there. Once she finished with the drawings that was it. It was more of a biz deal rather than a collaboration deal. Never heard from her about how's the book going or I really liked your book or anything.

On my 41st Birthday recently the YuckMouth Mommy told me I had to get another book out for Racer's birthday which is in August and do whatever I need to do to make it happen. The last "One Sock" book came out last year on Racer's birthday so having another book out this year would make my son very happy on his birthday. So lately I been playing around the iPad and figured out how to make movie trailers which I did my first for security book that I posted on Youtube.

This time around I'm going to do my Kickstarter correctly and hope that I do find the right people to help make this dream of not only mine but my son's come true. The new artist I hope to find should be very ambitious and creative someone who is willing to collaborate with the project and not afraid to spread the word with their contacts. I will be knocking on every door to get this book made. I learned a lot from the last children's book which was my first time writing. I'm more used to writing action, horror and violence. I learned to make sure the editor is going to check the errors correctly and make sure my book is not only good for me but that it will once again entertain the many kids it did the first time around. If you would like to be a part of this project feel free to hit me up or if you know anyone who does don't hesitate in leaving a message. I think Networking with others can bring many possibilities into a great project. Stay inspired everyone!


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