Monday, January 9, 2012

When Reputations Are At Stake

I hadn't planned on writing another bully blog. The content is there but it is emotionally draining to be attached to it on a daily basis. I thought about this for two days, wrote two regular blogs, the hubs blogged for me and then I sat here staring at the blank screen wondering what to do next. While no real attacks have happened on my blog it has happened else where.

The pictures posted below are pulled from this blog they Aspergermom78 is the husband and wife from A4 this isn't even all the comments, but this is how the conduct themselves.

I've scraped this blog about five times already. In my mind I imagine what it must look like from the outside to the people looking in. Wondering how all this madness even started, wondering if its worth it to keep poking the lion. In the end I think that until my name stops appearing in place where I am banned it...I won't stop blogging about it. 

As a blogger this is never good, my reputation beyond my readers could be in jeopardy. In today's technology its so easy to google someone's name and see what is being said about them. My readers trust me, my tweeps trust me...friends and family know me.

I refuse to keep calling anyone out but I refuse to let it keep happening to me!


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