Monday, January 2, 2012

When Online Bullying Attacks Parents

While we are so busy protecting our children from online bullies and bullies on the playground and in the classroom, do we notice when we are being bullied ourselves. What happens when adults get bullied by another adults? My sane mine tells me that I could just turn off my computer and connected devices and it goes away right? But what happens when you are a special needs parent and they only means of support is online? When you've done all the blocking you can and you still get harassed by others supporting this bully?

With the New Year now in full swing I have made lots of promises to myself and this blog. I want to reconnect with you all and bring you news about apps and people who make a difference and maybe those who need help. But I also want to make you aware of other things that are going on. Maybe its people who don't deserve our support or things we should fight and rally against. So today becomes the first day I do this for you all.

I'm all for supporting a community or person who deserves it and for a long time my devotion  went to A4CWSN. I wanted the world to know what good this group was doing for the special needs community. But now I want you all to know this

See that blacked out spot right there? That's my cell phone number posted on a public social networking site, posted to my hubs who was interacting with my husband at the time. Now let it be known that my number is NO WHERE on the internet except for facebook BUT you have to be a friend to view it and @A4CWSN is not a friend on my facebook page. Way back in July of last year I had contact with A4 and that was the only and last time I heard from A4. 

I used to be a part of that community on facebook, but when I asked questions like "why are main people being banned and blocked" I was removed for questioning A4 and if you are questioning it then you must be against it. 

The same day my number was posted on twitter my name was also on a listed of blacklisted folks who are trying to bring down A4. 

I blocked out others names because I will not be a party to "naming" people. But there is my name on a list, along with emails and PM's that he claims to have. Not a single person on that list has contacted him privately as of late. So anything he has he is getting others to copy paste for him.

There are more screen shots of the bullying, this blog could probably go on for quite a bit. But this is a small proof of what the A4 has become. It is not longer a group for special needs parents to come together and unite and support. I dare each one of my readers to go to the page and ask questions. Ask why numbers, private information was posted. Ask why names have been listed as a sort of "hit list"? See the response you get, are you welcomed with open arms or are you attacked by the lions den?

But parents should NOT be bullied! Information you can't find anywhere online should not be posted and lists should not be made of people who supposedly don't support A4. You decide for yourself.


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