Friday, January 6, 2012

To Short For Light Switches

As its 2012 now I've spent some time looking back at 2011, things that have happened, things I want to change and things I wish never happened. Though I know they have in some way shaped my future it still makes it hard to have had to deal with them.

In that respect I've thought a lot about my lil PigPen and all the changes that either have or haven't happened for her

This pic sums it up pretty much, my goofy girly child. Under that smile though is tiny pounds of frustration. With speech delays, major sensory issues and just being a shorty, life is fairly hard for her. Its taken days sometimes to finally figure out what she's saying sometimes. 

I will admit that I've wanted to write this blog for a long time but I have a mommy confession to make. I've been living in the land of denial with her. I spend so much time working Racer and fighting for services that everything else just falls by the wayside. Add to that the new battle for Wolverine and I haven't had time to notice that PigPen just wasn't progressing like she should be. So this year is going to be her year, I've made the calls to have her tested and we will see how that goes. 

So for now mommy is extra vigilant on PigPen and working with her. She has step stools cause you know sucks to be to short for light switches! It just added to frustration to not even be able to turn on the dang light when she needs to. 

I'm making a promise to her this year...she will not be lost in the shuffle!


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