Sunday, January 8, 2012

Batman and Rodger ~~ By YuckMouth Daddy

Had another dream last night about my dog Batman, I was standing on the balcony to a two story house, I was looking down and there on the other side of the gate was my dog Batman. He was on his two legs standing begging and whimpering to be let inside my yard. I was awaken by my kids who wanted breakfast, but the dream seemed so real. This is the second dream I had like this. The first dream I had, we were all sitting in the living room when Batman appears outside the sliding door, dirty and beat up as if it had taken him months to search and finally find us.

I miss my dogs, Batman was a Rottweiler, very big dog. We got him when he was only a few months old the kids loved him right away. The biggest test was to see if One Sock would be okay and comfortable with a dog in the house. I didn't really want a dog, but the old place we were living we had too many people walking inside our backyard stealing tools or recyclables. (bunch of savages I tell you) Made sense to why everyone in the neighborhood had dogs in their yards. Batman stood in the house till he was big enough to hack it outside. Once outside we had no more break ins in your yard, and boy was he a perfect alarm, barking at everyone who came near the fence.

Months later we decided to get another dog, a much smaller dog we named Rodger. Rodger was a combination of a chihuahua and poodle. Batman used him as a rag toy the first meeting the both had. Rodger stood in the house much longer than Batman did. Rodger was a playful dog, he was able to leap over tall surfaces. Rodger would leap into our backyard window into our room every chance he would get just to get away from Batman or wanting to come back inside the house. Rodger was also the great escape dog. He was a digger, and every now and then he would dig a tunnel leading to the front yard and into freedom. Yes Rodger was a runner but one thing about him, after he was done with his adventures he would always come back. Rodger was a barker so we always knew when the mail man was near or that matter if anyone was. Both dogs loved the kids and the kids loved both dogs. Rodger was the jumper and barker while Batman was the biter, but never bit any of the kids. The only thing about Batman was never be near him while he eats, Then he would growl or snap, never too me but with anyone else he would.

News came about us having to move out of our home since the owner sold it without telling us a word. At the last minute of everything going on, we found a place to live. The drawback was we weren't allowed to have any dogs living with us. We searched and searched for a place for the dogs to go, but in the end no one came thru. i had to make the hardest call I eve had to make and that was to the pound. Since they wanted us to pay two hundred dollars for each dog to be submitted, I had to make up a lie and tell them the other roommate who lived here left his dogs and we took care of them till he came back. That was the only way to get out of the paying the $200 fee. When the pound came, it was hard seeing Batman and Rodger being taken away, I had the dogs for over a year and seeing them gone was hard and tough.

I really didn't put too much thought into it at the time, since I was so exhausted from moving. But, every now and then I catch myself telling the kids to save their scraps for the dogs. In my happy ending I see both dogs in new homes and once again filling kids with fun and play. I try not to think too much about the other possibility. Batman and Rodger were great dogs who did their job in keeping my kids and house safe at the same time brining smiles to our faces with their animal tactics and being the best friend a man can have.


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