Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Legos, Star Wars, YouTube and Daddy.

I realize that sometimes its hard to bond with Racer. He either wants you to play his way or play the same game over and over again. One thing that has become his favorite is watching "how to" videos on Youtube, anywhere from how to play Angry Birds to movie trailers to how to play his favorite game. Another favorite of his is the Star War Lego games on the xbox. Basically he's in ASD heaven lol. Legos + Star Wars = zero least till its time to turn it off.

Those of you who know me and the YuckMouth family know we are a gaming group. Me and the kids and the hubs all have accounts on the xbox, the kids have a Wii and we have a kinect. So the hubs has been on a quest to get 100% completion on this game....don't tell him but I think it because Racer and Wolverine have finished more of the game then he has.

Anyways there are a few sites online that you can get "hints" how to finish a level or collect all the mini kits to complete extra characters. Then it dawned on me to try Youtube...when all else fails go to YT!  So the hubs has been checking out the videos on there, I don't think Racer paid much attention to it at first till he noticed that daddy was getting passed him in the game. (I swear this much competition) So now Racer and him are watching the videos together lol. The scene that has unfolded all day makes me smile cause they two of them are working together and bonding and I don't think either one of them realizes how big what they are doing is.

But here is my little boy who struggles to express himself and play with others, talking to his dad about what he sees on the computer. And here is the hubs talking to him about how to do this level or "look what we missed". Warms my little heart I even took a picture but looking at it just doesn't do it justice.

This are the moments we autism parents live for, no matter who short lived they are they were there to begin with and that's what matters.


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