Monday, June 27, 2011

The Countdown

So I don't know how it works in other neighborhoods but I live in the ghetto and around here the 4th of July starts a little early. LIKE A FUCKING MONTH EARLY!! Used to be fun, I LOVE the 4th but not so much in the last 3yrs. At first it was just him hiding in the house, but at least we could go out and still enjoy them. Then one year he burned himself on a sparkler and then it was GAME OVER!  The next year we opted to stay home can't remember if we were broke or what cause buying fireworks is damn expensive.

*mini rant*  If I wanted to spend over a hundred dollars on something it wouldn't be fireworks...might as well just lite the money on fire.

Anyways we stayed home rented some movies and the daddy bbq it was awesome. I'd thought we'd be pretty safe at home since my city doesn't allow fireworks but I was wrong. I didn't count on the neighbors making it rain outside like a strip club on speed. So my kids begged and dragged me outside to see, and Racer being who he is wants to do what their doing and went out too. I don't even think we made it halfway down our sidewalk when the first firework went off when I just see a streak of Racer running back up the street, up our driveway and hear the door slam. That was a total bust and we spent two months of not being able to go outside at night at all, that's how afraid he was. That wasn't just for him, it was all of us. I mean here it was summer and hot as hell in Cali and me and the daddy would be sitting outside relaxing when we'd hear the begging to come inside before something bad happened to us. We couldn't even be out late and get home when it was dark cause he would be freaking out in the stroller or the car.

So to say that I've been FREAKING OUT in the last month is a understatement. Even now I'm doing a face palm because I just realized why he's been so off the last few weeks. DUH MOM.

But this year I'm prepared, my droid plays netflix now and I got him a pair of soft headphones and he'll just be able to escape to movie land if it gets to much for him. I think I'm ok with staying home (for now), I really miss family bbq's but we're just not ready for it.


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