Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day ~ For Roy

I got to thinking about dads and Fathers Day and how over the years its dramatically changed for us. Most don't know that there was quite a period of time before the autism came to be. There would be movies and dinners out, extended shopping trips and theme parks almost every weekend. The change was slow to be sure, it happened over a time and then all of a sudden I almost didn't even remember when the last time we went out was.

But here it was on Fathers Day, when dads are out, parties are taking place and here we are at home. I have to give the YM daddy a lot of credit. Most don't know he used to work in the movie/tv industry, he's used to the hustle and bustle of the crowd. He's used to parties and hanging out with friends and family, and in a way we are all.

He takes it all in stride that both his sons are different. That there might not be sports and taking a interest in what he does. Instead its replaced by legos and therapy and meltdowns. All those hopes for the college football star are put aside for the hopes of words and peer play. The things that fathers take for granted with their own children aren't there for the YM daddy. But everyday he wakes up and he loves his kids no matter the differences. He's learned to play, interact and love differently.

I applaud him for being the man he is today and everyday because he is my rock, he is the kids rock. He should have his own theme song. So even though today is "Fathers Day" and we should be honoring the man that gave them life. I want to honor him everyday by being the father that most men aren't, that most men don't think about. The father that takes everyday in the world of autism and ADHD and he makes it his own. That he doesn't just love his kids he loves their differences.


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