Friday, June 17, 2011

In A Past Life

I swear I must have some evil karma coming my way, I must have in a past life stepped on a freaking ant or something. I can't understand how there could be NO speech therapy that is cover by my insurance in my local area!

I want to stab someone at Regional Center for even suggesting to me a place that Racer would age out of in two months! It will probably take me longer then that to get him in there! Which leads me right back to the school...why aren't they seeing what Regional Center saw? Why aren't either one of them seeing what UCLA saw? I don't get it....I mean I get that budget cuts and funding is low but WTF?

I will never get the answer for this but I want to know why Racer has had 3 different evaluations in a little over a year and all three of them are drastically different? I stare at them over and over again, retrace our steps in my head, bang my head on my keyboard and lay awake at night trying to understand a system that has been put into place for our kids but blocks them and covers their tracks in red tape.

I don't live in the land of help I live in the land of "pass the buck". Well fuck you I'm keeping my damn buck and investing it in my son and doing what I can since so many seem to tell me that they can't do anything.


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